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Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.



Massage has always been a passion of mine. I love doing treatments that involve one-to-one contact with my clients. I have many clients that come for a massage, often they have had a stressful week, say that their neck or back hurts or they have tension headaches that they just can’t shift.

My intension and all my energy is focused on delivering the best results I can by tailoring the massage to address your needs at that time.

I get great pleasure when working through tight, tense muscles and visibly seeing my client’s body relax, feel their muscles begin to soften and the tension releasing from their body. I know that their mind is switching off as I hear breathing patterns change.

After a massage, you will go home feeling more relaxed and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.​

I tend not to categorise my massage as I will use different techniques to achieve the best results for you. I use relaxing aromatherapy oil blends when massaging. If you prefer to have an aromatherapy or Swedish massage, I can do that too.


​Full body – £51

Back – £32

​Hot stone massage

The heat from these volcanic rock stone allows a deeper penetration into the muscle tissue and joint which increases flexibility as connective tissue is released. A great stress reliever and an excellent massage for people with tight muscles or joint pain. The energy from the stones promotes a deep state of relaxation.

​Full body – £52

Back – £33


Lots of people say they don’t like their feet being touched. Little do they know what a fabulous experience reflexology is! It’s every bit as relaxing as a massage. Our feet take so much abuse on a daily basis, to have them massaged feels wonderful as feet can hold on to a lot of tension too.

The thing I love most about this treatment is it can be used to help ease conditions, reduce stress and anxiety, and can mentally put you in a calmer place. This ancient treatment is highly relaxing and involves massage and pressure point techniques on your feet to create balance and harmony on a physical, mental and emotional level.

I sometimes use it with FRT (Function Reflex Therapy, which takes the principals of reflexology but applied in a different way to give powerful results!) I use a combination of both reflexology and FRT when working with people who are grieving in particular. Again, for me, it’s all about contact, listening and tailoring treatments to give the best outcome I can.

​Reflexology – £37


The name Hopi is taken from the native Indians who introduced this therapy to the west. Ear candles have two functions, they have a sight sucking action that creates a chimney effect in the ear and a vibration caused by rising air through the candle that gently massages the ear drum and promotes secretion. Hopi candles are a natural and effective way to help with sinus problems, ear wax, pressure pain when flying, colds, headaches and head clearing.

​Single treatment – £25

Course of six – £125

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